Dayschool Add-ons
& Dog Grooming in Maine

Addon Day Services

*If your pup is already attending doggie daycare, you can book any of these services in addition to the day of day school at these rates.*
Private training can be on any pre-discussed task of your choice.
​We touch upon most of the basics once monthly in your traditional dayschool programming.

Doggie Daycare Addon Services

Private Training - 15 minutes - Recorded clips for Pet Owner
Private Training - 30 minutes - Recorded clips for Pet Owner
Off Leash Hike on a nearby trail - 1 hour
Off Leash Hike on a nearby trail - 2 hours
Grooming - per 15 minute brushing
Nail Trim
Nail Trim & Bath (Short Coats)
Nail Trim & Brush & Bath (Long Coats)
Exit Bath - A quick bath, timed before leaving daycare
Sanitary Shave (By a veterinary technician, not a dog groomer*)
Ear Cleaning (Basic - must bring ear cleaner from veterinarian)

NOTE: We are not formal dog groomers, but we are trainers who are capable of desensitizing dogs to these procedures daily.
You will want to visit your favorite dog groomer for formal grooming. We are happy to make recommendations!

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