Dog Grooming Maine

We provide dog grooming in Maine as apart of our add-on services for our dog dayschool. Our dedicated team of dog groomers are skilled in providing gentle baths, thorough brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and neat sanitary shaves. We understand the importance of proper grooming for your dogs’ health and happiness. We prioritize the well-being of your pets and offer a professional and caring environment for all their grooming needs. View our dog grooming services below.

Our Dog Grooming Services in Maine

Bath, Brush & Nail Trim (Long Coats)

Pamper your furry friend with our comprehensive nail trim, brush & bath dog grooming service in Maine, specially designed to cater to dogs with long coats, ensuring they look and feel their best.

Bath & Nail Trim (Short Coats)

Experience top-notch care for your canine companion with our nail trim & brush dog grooming service in Maine, tailored to meet the needs of dogs with short coats, leaving them refreshed and well-groomed

Exit Bath

Make departure a delight with our exit bath dog grooming service in Maine. This service offers a swift yet refreshing bath for dogs with short coats and long coats, ensuring they leave our dayschool program looking and smelling fantastic

Grooming - per 15 minute brushing
Nail Trim

Keep your pup’s paws in perfect shape with our expert nail trimming service in Maine, ensuring your dog’s comfort and well-being.

Basic Ear Cleaning (must bring ear cleaner from veterinarian)

Prioritize your dog’s ear health with our meticulous ear cleaning service. You must bring ear cleaner from the veternarian for use to provide this service.

Sanitary Shave (By a veterinary technician, not a dog groomer*)

We provide sanitary shaves for dogs to prevent infections from occuring, and to ensure your dogs hygene. This is perfromed by a veterinary technician, not a dog groomer.

Our Dog Grooming Prices in Berwick Maine

The weekly package is the best way to go, and has the most value! 5 days for $325.00 ($65.00 per day)

Families with 2+ dogs from the same household will be offered a 20% discount for every dog on the account.

​Play Package
1 Day per week
Social Dog Package
2 Days per week
Sit N Stay Package
3 Days per week
(Includes Free Monthly Bath & 10% off training and grooming services)
Well-trained Package
4 Days per week
(Includes Free weekly bath Free monthly Nail Trim  & 10% off training and grooming services)
Perfect Pup Package
5 Days per week
(Includes complimentary weekly bath, monthly nail trim, Canine Good Citizen Course (CGC) per year,
Private In-facility Training Session per year. 10% off all training and  grooming)