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About Off-Leash Dog Training

Off-leash dog training is a method of teaching dogs to obey commands and behave appropriately without a leash. The purpose of off-leash training is to give dogs more freedom to explore and play while still being under the control of their owner. Off-leash training also helps to build trust and strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner.

This type of training benefits both dogs and owners by allowing for a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. Dogs are able to run and play freely, while owners can relax and enjoy the outdoors without the constant worry of their dog running off or getting into trouble. Additionally, off-leash training can provide mental stimulation for dogs and improve their overall obedience and behavior.

This is an image of Dog trainer training a dog in a dog training session.

Canine Academy Berwick

Off Leash Training



  • One Session per day for 2 Weeks
  • Transfer Session where you’ll learn how to work with your dog after the program is finished

Do you ever worry your dog will run off and not come when you call?

Our off leash training works on your dogs recall, we train both dog, and owner, how to quickly reunite without a tether.
Some dogs (and owners!) may require additional training, we would be happy to interview and assess your dog for a customized plan

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First step in Dog Dayschool is Dog assessment. To get started book an assessment interview for your Dog.